S/S 2019 CHAPTER 2

For Spring/Summer 2019, Y-3 presents an evolution of its graphic language, remaking its stacked logo motif with a dose of Yohji Yamamoto’s signature irony and wit. Inspired by sailing, the Japanese designer mines the sport’s darker side, developing eye-catching new visuals that incorporate skulls and roses alongside a bold, hand-drawn typeface that proclaims “YOHJI LOVE” — a reference to the love between adidas and Yamamoto.

The collection’s easy knits and wearable, functional outerwear serve classic Yamamoto humor and attitude. An oversize women’s graphic blouson cuts a voluminous silhouette and features a slight drape with its elongated, gathered sleeves. On its back, embroidered red roses adorn a “YOHJI LOVE” motif. A men’s bomber jacket redefines Y-3’s classic style in a new, exaggerated size and gives options, flipping from a bold logo to an intricately embroidered skull print. Finally, Y-3’s minimalist selection of essential knits and tees are remade with contrasting graphics and touches of embroidery.
In footwear, the Y-3 REN provides the ultimate complement to the season’s confident look. Developed as a progression of the futuristic Y-3 KAIWA, the shoe combines an aesthetic fearlessness with a singular comfort in one streamlined silhouette.